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Left 4 dead Perks

Survivor Perks:

Anti Tank Unit: +15% Damage to The Tank
Unlock: Inflict 120,000 damage to Tanks and acquire either the “Tankbusters” or “Man Vs Tank” achievement.

Heavy Hitter: Larger punch reach and cone, double punch damage and increased chance of knockdown. Increased chance of hitting hunters out of the air.
Unlock: Punch 250 common or special infected to death and acquire any two of the following achievements: “Dead Stop,” “Hunter Punter,” “Clean Kill”, “Spinal Tap.”

Head-Hunter: +25% Damage to Headshots on any infected, and a +5% damage to Hunters
Unlock: Kill 5 Hunters with a headshot and acquire either the “Jump Shot” or the “Brain Salad” achievement.

Light Step: If you walk slowly, the aggro area of idle infected and the Witch becomes much smaller for you
Unlock: Kill less than 1000 infected through-out an entire campaign

Witch Hugger: Gives you the option to “hug” the witch by meleeing her, resulting in a 50% chance that she attacks you instantly, a 20% chance that she becomes un-aggroable unless physically attacked, a 15% chance that she runs away or a 5% chance that she joins the survivors and aids them in combat (a bonus is awarded on Verses mode if she survives to the end of the level.)
Unlock: Acquire the “Do Not Disturb” Achievement

Neo-Warrior: +15% damage with pistol weapons, -20% reload time on duel pistols
Unlock: Inflict 100,000 damage with pistols or Acquire the “Akimbo Assassin” Achievement

Blue Blood: Double Damage to common infected
Unlock: Acquire the “Zombie Genocidest” Achievement

Field Medic: -30% healing time on self and other players
Unlock: Acquire the “Field Medic” and “Dead Giveaway” achievements

Drug Dealer: Allows you to carry two pill bottles at once
Unlock: Acquire the “Pharm Assist” and “Helping Hand” Achievements.

Deep Pockets: +50% ammo for primary weapons
Unlock: Free

Pyrotechnitian: -50% damage for fire, larger area of fire from Molotovs and petrol canisters. Allows you to carry two Molotovs or use your grenade slot to carry a petrol canister
Unlock: Acquire all of the following achievements: “101 cremations,” “Burn the witch,” “Towering Inferno.”

Demolition Expert: -50% damage from explosives, larger explosion radius from propane and gas canisters. Allows you to carry two pipe bombs at once or use your grenade slot to carry a propane or gas canister
Unlock: Acquire the “Pyrotechnitian” achievement and kill 250 infected with pipe-bombs

Monster Killer: +15% damage to all Special and Boss infected
Unlock: Achieve either “Nothing Special,” or all of the following achievements: “Dead Stop,” “Drag and Drop,” “Cr0wned,” “Blind Luck,” “Hunter Punter,” “Tongue Twister” “No Smoking Section” “Man Vs Tank,” “TankBusters,” “Witch Hunter,” “Ground Cover,” “Clean Kill,” “Jump Shot.”

Butcher: +5% damage to common infected, as well as a massively increased chance to gib them, and even disintegrate them with firearms
Unlock: Blow limbs off 150 common infected and acquire the “Brain Salad” achievement.

Fender: -25% less damage from being grappled by smokers or hunters
Unlock: Survive being incapacitated 10 hunters and 10 smokers

Duellist: Allows you to duel wield the SMG or the Pump Shotgun
Unlock: Acquire the “Neo-Warrior” Perk and inflict 1000 damage with duel pistols while you have that perk active. This perk can only be used if you have the “Neo-Warrior” perk active.

Kerb-Stomp: Punching infected who are lying or sitting on the floor kills them instantly
Unlock: Acquire the “Spinal Tap” achievement

Weapon Specialist-Shotgun: +20% damage from shotguns weapons
Unlock: Free

Weapon Specialist-Rapid Fire: +20% damage from rapid fire weapons (excluding the minigun)
Unlock: Free

Sniper: +20% damage from the sniper rifle, dramatically increased accuracy from all weapons when crouched or standing still, allows you to iron sight any primary weapon (using the sniper rifle’s “zoom in” control
Unlock: Free

Veteran: +10% damage using any weapon
Unlock: Survive all 4 campaigns on any difficulty

Ard-Man: +25 base health
Unlock: Free

Determination: While incapped, you get no accuracy or firing speed deprecation and you cannot die from bleeding out ; you have to be physically beaten, even if you only have 1 health while on the floor.
Unlock: Acquire the “Ground Cover” and “Stand Tall” achievements.

Infamous Bastard: 5% chance that zombies will flee in terror on seeing you for the first time (not applicable to horde or special infected)
Unlock: Free

Heavy gunner: Increased view on the minigun and instant death on any common or special infected while using the minigun (except the Tank and the Witch.)
Unlock: Acquire the “Red Mist” achievement

Strong Back: Allows you to “Remove” the minigun from its post and wield it as a weapon, but you automatically drop it the moment it overheats or you take damage (it can be picked up again.) Decreases your punching speed by half and movement speed to walking pace while carrying it.
Unlock: Acquire the “Heavy gunner Perk,” and kill 2000 infected with the minigun while that perk is active

Underdog: +50% damage from all weapons while your health is below 40
Unlock: Acquire the “Dead Giveaway” achievement and kill 1000 infected while your health is below 40

Optician: +50% visibility through smoker smoke and boomer bile
Unlock: Acquire the “Blind Luck” achievement.

Infected Perks:


Brain-dead: -50% stunning time from survivor punches
Unlock: Acquire either the “Chain Smoker,” or the “Double Jump” achievement.

Talon-Ho: +50% damage from meleeing survivors (+10% for the Tank)
Unlock: Free

Pack of lies: -50% damage taken from any source and +25% damage inflicted against survivors if another special or boss infected is close by (does not stack if there are more than one)
Unlock: As a member of a victorious team of infected, Kill all four survivors while in sight of each other

Stop-Drop: Fire only lasts for 5 seconds, rather than burning you to death automatically (Unless a hunter pounces on a survivor.)
Unlock: Free

Hate-Monger: +10 health every time you melee a survivor or idle common infected, +50 for killing a common infected, + 100 health for killing a survivor (+500 for the tank) and +50 health while pinning a survivor
Unlock: Kill 8 survivors outright as any special infected and acquire the “Dead Wreckening” achievement

Durability Issues: +50 Health
Unlock: Free

Stay Down: Double Damage to incapacitated survivors
Unlock: Inflict 2500 damage to incapacitated survivors and acquire the “Lamb 2 Slaughter” achievement


Barger: Leaping next to a survivor, even if you miss them, knocks the back
Unlock: Knockback survivors 20 times while leaping on another survivor

Trick Jumper: Double the distance you can wall jump and if you land on a wall, you stick to it, making wall jumping easier
Unlock: Acquire the “Double Jump” achievement

Ravager: Double the speed of your leap, and remove the limit of damage you can inflict from long jumping
Unlock: Inflict 25 damage from an initial impact while leaping

Silent Stalker: You make no noise while you crouch unless survivors are in your actual sight
Unlock: Free

Second Thoughts: Allows you to leap from pinned survivors to escape oncoming fire
Unlock: Survive being pushed off a survivor for ten seconds


Venomous Fog: Your smoke cloud does periodic damage to survivors as if it was a pool of fire
Unlock: Free

Volatile Chambers: The smoke cloud you create will explode if ignited or if guns are fired while inside it or near it. +50% damage from fire, and if ignited, you explode violently on death
Unlock: Free

Durable Tongue: Ensnared survivors take two hits to free them instead of one, -15% recharge time for the tongue
Unlock: Acquire the “Big Drag” achievement

Tongue Tied: Allows you to release survivors from your tongue (or push them away if they are close enough) and make a quick getaway
Unlock: After a survivor has been freed from the grasp of your tongue, survive until your tongue has re-charged

Misty Dilemma: The cloud that surrounds you while you are alive is much harder to spot, and you don’t have insects buzzing around you
Unlock: Acquire both the “Chain Smoker,” and “Big drag” achievements


Iron Gut: +200 health, No explosion on death
Unlock: Vomit on a survivor and survive until your bile has recharged

Critical Mass: -49 health, decrease in the distance needed to fall to “pop” and rather than firing bile, activating primary fire causes you to explode instantly
Unlock: Explode on survivors 10 times

Stomach Upset: 35% larger Spread of Bile
Unlock: Acquire the “Barf bagged” achievement

Fast Digestion: -30% recharge time for bile
Unlock: Free

Weak Colon: Attacking in melee causes you to leave a “fart cloud” which attracts a small amount of common infected from the surrounding area to that location, even if survivors weren’t hit by the attack. The infected fight among themselves if there were no survivors found at that location.
Unlock: Free
Just some ideas for perks, if they ever added any in. I <3 perks. I <3 any ammount of customisation.

Survivors can choose three of the perks mentioned from their section, and infected can choose one genral perk and one specialist perk depending on their boss. You cannot stack the same perks either.

On campaign mode, the boss infected have no perks, and while playing as the Tank, only your genral perk has any effect.

I added some balancing unlocking criteria for most of the perks. The one's with "Unlock: Free" underneath them do not require any criteria to unlock.

Updated all the perks, their critera and fixed some typos
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tankhawk500 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009  Professional Artist
this is so freakin amazing. just like COD 4 and KF. Wish l4d was like that a long time ago.
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009
Same. Same...
Randomness2K9 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
These are great! Imma thinking of doing my own.

Also, with the Witch Hugging perk; is it possible to have a number of Witches with you in a campaign? Or is there no limit.

And does she run away when she kills something and how would she die if you get extra points at the end for her surviving and would she get in the rescue vehicle with you?
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
Nope, there is no limit.

No, she doesn't run away if she kills something while on your team.

No, she would follow you thought the campaign.

Yes, she would get in the rescue vehicle with you.
Randomness2K9 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
I can start on my army now! (Muahahaa)

That's good.

Also another thing, would she cause team damage by accident. And how powerful would she be on your team on Expert and lastly; what does she do when she is on your team and idle (Not attacking Infected) and hoe does she move when you move (Run or Walk?) and does she make any noises when attacking Infected and can you heal her?
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Bare in mind the witch can only target one person at once, but she can knock the players back when she's charging. She'd still insta kill all the enemies except The Tank on expert, but Tank's are her biggest threat. She'd just stand around sobbing a little and rubbing her eyes or nose. She'd basicaly walk when you aren't going to fast, and run to keep up with you. She'd make the same noises as usual when attacking infected. You can heal her just like the other players.
Randomness2K9 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Hell I wish this perk was in the game now.

Are there any other types of things you can interact with the Witch when she's on your team?

Also, in my humble opinion, I think the perk should be tweaked a bit, making her less chance of attacking you and more chance of the others.
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
She'lll just be like a quiet member of the team who attacks in melee.

And I want to make it more risky to use, but with better benefits if it works.
Randomness2K9 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
This has made me want to make some perks... Any tips? :?
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Yesh: Use your imagination and listen to Silent Hill music.
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Highwind017 Featured By Owner May 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
You just gotta love perks :D
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner May 11, 2009
Which ones would you have?

You can have 3 Survivor perks (no stacking,) 1 genral infected perk (which is active at any time, as any infected) and 1 perk for each boss.
Artificialsunproject Featured By Owner May 3, 2009   Photographer
Infected Perks:


Hugh Jackman:
With the power of l33t you become hugh jackman for 15 seconds. Making everything explode from the sheer amount of PECS

Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
I cracked up
thefirewarriors Featured By Owner May 1, 2009  Student General Artist
Lawl for witch hugger! XD though the "helping you in combat" part is... i dunnoo... like the running away part tho'. lmao.

Isn't the light step perk in fallout 3? and aren't the heavy hitter and head hunter perks in the first two fallouts? XD

Damn, what I wouldn't give to customize a l4d character... aside from skinning... this is a great idea!
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner May 1, 2009
And the perks are only little things!

They don't massively change the game or make it easier, they're just nice to have.
thefirewarriors Featured By Owner May 1, 2009  Student General Artist
XD nice to have is an understatement.
Yohan-Gas-Mask Featured By Owner May 1, 2009
All done now :3
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